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Whole 30 Compliant Breakfasts

Before Whole 30, I was never a breakfast person.  I drank coffee and starved myself.  The result of that behavior, inevitably, was that I was famished by lunchtime.  Thus, I made bad choices for lunch and snacked all afternoon.

I had always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But I didn’t believe “them.”  I often don’t believe “them.”  With more maturity, I’m beginning to believe some of “them.”

I find that if I eat breakfast in the morning, particularly one infused with lots of protein, I make better choices the rest of the day.   I have never been a huge egg fan.  This made Whole 30 harder.  It also makes eating more protein in the morning a tad harder.  Since that first Whole 30, I’ve been better able to tolerate eggs–but only if they are well done and have lots of other flavor.

I also find that if I make a breakfast on the weekend–I will eat it all week.  That makes my morning a whole lot easier.

Here is the list of breakfasts that I have in heavy rotation:

(1) Sweet Potato Hash.  This is the easiest.  I use Aidells Chicken and Apple Sausage, two sweet potatoes and an onion.  Just cut up the onion, the sweet potato, and the sausage.  On medium heat, warm about a Tbsp and a half of Coconut Oil.  Sauté the onion.  Add in the sweat potato, add the sausage and whatever spices you want.  Cinnamon is good.  Sometimes I use a little pepper to make it spicy.  If you cover the pan, it makes the potatoes nice and soft.  I have no idea how long it takes but–not too long.

(2) Proscuitto-Wrapped Mini Fritattas.  These are DELISH.  They are also awesome because they are little and can be frozen.  The hardest part about these is finding sugar free proscuitto.  I pickup mine at BJ’s.  Its a large package and you will be able to get a couple of recipes out of it.

(3) Savory Breakfast Casserole.  The hardest part about this–again–is finding the meat.  I use Wellshire Farms Chorizo from Whole Foods.

(4) Wellshire Farms Paleo Bacon and eggs.  On days when I am too lazy to make breakfast ahead, I’ll fry up this paleo bacon and scramble two eggs.

(5) Spinach Omlette with Wellshire Farms Andouille Sausage.  OMG.  This is delicious.  I have this on the weekends.  The sausage is on point.  I sauté a little onion, pepper and spinach.  Throw in the sausage.  Then make an omlette out of two eggs.

Remember to use a compliant oil like coconut, olive or avocado.


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