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Sweet Potato Hash: My Go-to Non Egg Breakfast

It’s the most important meal of the day and, as I said before, eggs have never been my favorite.  During my first Whole 30, I searched high and low for non-egg breakfasts.  This was the one I used for 75% of my Whole 30 breakfasts.

Sweet Potato Hash 


2 Sweet Potatoes

1 Sweet Onion

2 Whole 30 Compliant Sausages

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil

Spice of your choice: you can go sweet with cinnamon or kick it up a notch with black pepper.  Whatever your heart desires.

This is what my ingredients look like:


Not the knife.  The knife’s just for cutting and let me just tell you its the best knife.  Its an Amish knife–they know how to cut things.

You can’t really notice in this picture but my Turkey Sausage is FROZEN.  This stuff has like no preservatives so I had to freeze it before I got around to making something with it.

Chop up your onion….you might want to wear safety goggles for this.  Chop up your sweet potatoes and your sausage. This is what it looks like all chopped up:



Then, warm your coconut oil over medium heat and start sautéing the onion.

This is what that looks like:


Once you have them nice and sautéed, add your sweet potatoes. IMG_3159

Cover for a little while (I don’t know how long EXACTLY) but long enough to make them done–close to mushy.

Don’t forget your spices!

Then, add in your meat.  It’s already cooked (and if it was frozen, like mine, you had to thaw it in the microwave so it may even be a little warm).


And voila!

You have a yummy (and easy) non-egg Whole 30 compliant breakfast.

I usually portion it out and take it for lunch with me during the week.  By Friday, it’s almost gone!








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