Dandelion Flowers

I am in love with my little three year old Mossimo.   I have always been in love.  Ever since the moment I met him his sweet dimple.  During each stage, its been hard to imagine letting go of that stage for the next stage.  But each stage has been better–harder–but better than the one before.

Babies are so sweet and innocent and perfect.  And Mossimo was no different.  He was such a cuddly, easy going baby.   When he was a toddler–he was less easy going–but super cute and determined.  Then he was two– fighting to figure out whether he was a baby or a boy.  Still cute.  Still determined.  Still cuddly.  Now he’s three.

I could not imagine that three would be as sweet as it is.  With a full vocabulary, there’s nothing between him and a self serving compliment:) And mommy is a push over for self serving compliments.  Mommy is also a push over for flowers.  I’m just going to put it out there–moms like getting flowers from their sons.

This past weekend, the weather was cool but temperate.  And one of the few sunnyish days we’ve had lately.  So I took Mossimo out to play.  While we were outside, he noticed flowers on the ground.  Dandelion flowers.  He squated down and picked one dandelion flower and walked towards me, proud as he could be of that dandelion flower.  “Happy Love Day Mommy!”  He said as he brought me the flower.  No sooner had he given the flower to me than he left to get another.  “Happy Love Day Mommy!”  And again and again.

I had heard that little boys liked to pick flowers for their moms.  In anticipation of this event–that I knew might not ever happen–I bought a sweet little mexican pottery style bud vase.  I knew that would be perfect for my precious dandelion flowers.   So, I went and got the vase and I put my prize flowers in the vase.

The next morning when Mossimo awoke, he noticed the vase with the (now almost dead) flowers.  He said “Mommy so pretty!”  “Happy Love Day!”

Yes, my darling–Happy Love Day to you today, and every day.







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